Thursday, October 17, 2019

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Happy October! As I write this very first blog, the sun is high, the sky is blue and the leaves are approaching peak color. Quite frankly, it’s gorgeous and I encourage you all to get outside as much as possible.

For the remainder of the 2019 - 2020 school year, the school principals and I will be writing a blog in order to communicate with our school as well as our greater community. This will also be a resource for us to share what is happening at school currently and not have to wait for our print version of The Lion’s Roar. These blogs will be archived on our website for your reference.

We prepare the calendar that we mail home to all Cincinnatus Central School District residents in July in order for them to be printed and mailed prior to the start of a new school year. From that time in the summer until now, changes get made and we do have times and dates that are incorrect. Unfortunately, that is the nature of the beast when putting events in print. The answer, however, is on our school website. Please check the calendar on the homepage of the website at for the most accurate dates and start times of our events. Several staff members have access to this calendar and this is updated daily. As our revamped website was upgraded in August, we are continuing to add new features to enhance the website as a communication tool. This will remain a work in progress throughout this year. I will highlight these changes in future blogs.

As of this blog post, we are now posting both elementary and secondary announcements on the website. Each morning Mrs. DeLarm and Mrs. Tomlinson post their respective announcements onto the ‘Announcements’ under District --- Quick Links. Please refer to them daily for your reference.

Each morning I drive to Cincinnatus from my home in East Syracuse to Pompey. From there, I vary my drive from day to day by using two different routes. One way I take to work includes driving rough roads between Pompey and Labrador Hollow Road, bringing me to Truxton, and down Cheningo Road and Taylor Valley Road. My family spent a great deal of time at our aunt and uncle’s farm in Truxton until the early 1990’s and I have fond memories of my time spent mowing, working in the garden, and exploring around the aging farm. Most common for me, however, is to drive through Fabius and take West Keeney Road to Cuyler and then south on State Route 12 into Pitcher and then Cincinnatus Road to school. This is my most favorite route because it takes me past the birthplace of my mother, born in a tenant house where my grandfather worked. When I was a child, my dad would honk at the house as we drove past, which was his way of honoring what he termed as a “National Landmark.” It is now an empty lot as the house burned down many years ago.

My point in sharing this has nothing to do with geography but exemplifies two greater purposes. The first is that everyone has a story and the early beginnings of my story involve a family farm. So many residents in Cincy can trace their roots to agriculture and I have great respect and admiration for the families that continue to work the land. This is one major reason I applied for this position. The second reason I shared a part of my story is that either way I drive to work, I feel connected to some family memory each morning; it is a great way to start my day.

Our most successful students feel a connection to many things such as school, their community, or to their friends and family. Within school, it is our job, as professional educators, to assist in creating those connections through athletics, clubs, curriculum, or even all of them to help students become a better version of themselves.

Have a great week!

Mr. Freeman